INDUSTRIAL DESIGN covers a wide range of skills and development stages necessary for the successful translation of an initial idea to a finished product. Not every product requires every stage and some clients may already have some facilities in place in house. BIB design offers a tailor made service for each client to supplement and enhance their skills bringing many years experience with a wide range of projects.







The bigger picture


Successful product design begins with the brief. An assessment of needs and wants, of possibilities and ambitions.


Setting the right brief is critical in determining and evaluating the objectives of the new venture. Involving designers during the generation of the brief can also help to reveal possible development options and avoid future pitfalls.


A feasibility study can be used to review the broader scope of the new project, to analyse the existing products - what works, what doesn’t, where the costs arise, how the product is serviced, what consumers think, what the competition is, what new developments, materials or processes might be used.

BAA Airport House Style

Visualizing the data


Giving physical form to research data or using simulated products to assess reactions to concepts can prove invaluable in the early stages of development. Visuals or prototypes can also be used to promote a product to interested parties long before a substantial financial commitment is required.


BIB Design has a strong background in developing innovative products working in fields such as healthcare and environmental sustainability. We share a commitment to the environment, both in the products we design and in those we use on a daily basis.


Designing sustainable and effective solutions requires not only a thorough researching of the product’s use of energy, materials and processes, but also that it is used efficiently for the whole of it’s life.


BIB Design has a wide knowledge of the human/machine interface and of the solutions that can be developed to ensure that the product interacts seamlessly with the user on all levels.

Unipath Diagnostics

Innovation through necessity and design.


Innovative solutions for products are not only desirable in today's market but essential. The necessity to gain or maintain a lead on the competition, to adhere to increasingly stringent industrial and environmental regulations and to allow the product to evolve in a changing market often requires some radical new thinking.


Working across a broad spectrum of industries has enabled BIB Design to develop this thinking by creating links with specialist businesses that have assisted in the successful introduction of technology, new materials or processes from one field of expertise to another.

TRIP Shaving System

Create the message


The visual language of a product says much about the identity of the company it is associated with.


Developing an aesthetic that reflects the values and aspirations of the company can be key in creating a successful relationship with the consumer, and their perceived image of the benefits to be attained through the use of the product or service.


Every user builds a relationship with the product, their experience shapes their image of the company brand. In today's markets brand loyalty requires more than technical efficiency, it must reflect the user's needs emotionally, perceptively and intuitively.

Orange & Gold Branding

Developing the detail


Seeing a product through from concept to production can take many routes and involve many lines of communication. BIB Design makes extensive use of 3D CAD systems to allow all parties concerned to obtain a clear picture of the product as it develops.


The use of CAD visualisation can quickly establish the proposed aesthetic of a product. Animations can be generated for presentational purposes, whilst 2D and 3D CAD data is supplied for manufacturing means and for patent applications.


Rapid prototyping direct from CAD files ensures that as many parts as possible can be tested for mechanical suitability, to assess assembly issues or ergonomics prior to tooling investment.

Molecular Portable Solid Oxygen

Delivering the goods


BIB Design has created successful products for a wide range of industries in national and international markets working with start-up entrepreneurs to multinationals.


Many years of experience have resulted in a portfolio that spans across the markets encompassing domestic, consumer, business, medical, capital goods, electronics, chemicals, food, furniture, lighting, retail and luxury goods.


Delivering successful products has also bestowed awards. Our work has been commended in Europe, Japan and USA, some being held in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Design Museum in London, the Science Museum and the V&A.

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