Engaging design to serve your business

The need to communicate with customers has never been greater - it's the backbone of good service. The message portrayed is far more than just a mission statement and logo, it's social media, websites, exhibition spaces, blogs, user feedback, literature and in the design and continued development of products. BIB design's services have been built to serve those needs.






The big idea


You've got the idea, you're sure there's a market out there for it and you're already planning for a future made possible by it's ingenuity and profit margins. But how do you get the idea to market? What stages will you need to go through, what are the possible pitfalls and what network will you need to build around you to reach that goal?


BIB design have over 25 years experience helping create, nurture, develop, detail, deliver and promote ideas for companies of all sizes in a wide variety of markets. We can guide you through the process from initial brief to production, helping you along the way with concepts, imagery or physical models to inspire, educate and encourage those you need around you to build your profile, raise finance, find new markets and sell.


Most importantly you need someone that understands you, your needs, your strengths and can help fill in the gaps with wide ranging experience in dealing with projects from entrepreneurs to multinational companies.



BIB Design Consultant

Creativity at every stage


BIB Design has a long history in the creation of successful and innovative products for a wide range of international clients.


A philosophy to always seek the innovative, the sustainable and the most effective solutions for the development of new products has been at the root of BIB design's work. Generating concepts that help build strong bonds between clients and their customers with designs that can both surprise and endure.


Innovation drives markets but a good product can still fail if the creativity of it's concept isn't carried through into it's marketing. BIB design has a thorough understanding of products and how to communicate their benefits and can support marketing campaigns through supplying technical illustrations, cutaways, photo-realistic images and animations to convey these benefits to a global audience.



BIB Design Creating

Developing the idea.


Taking the concept to the next level requires a multitude of skills, often specific to the individual client. BIB design offers an integrated and tailored service supplying skills as needed to supplement and enhance those in house or can manage a project independently.


BIB design has extensive experience of understanding user needs, product technical and mechanical requirements, ergonomics, materials and processes, prototyping, manufacturing and production, liaison with manufacturers and intellectual property rights.


BIB Design Developing

Delivering the message


BIB design uses a full range of software to help develop an idea and present it in the most readily communicated form. From sketches to CAD to fully rendered images, for print in 2D and 3D or animated and audio enhanced for exhibition screens, websites and social media.


Extending the range of services to clients BIB design has also created graphics, logos and packaging options, supplied and managed social media accounts and created websites for a diverse range of companies and individuals.

BIB Design Delivering

Getting the message out there.


Communicating the benefits of a particular design has always been a fundamental skill required by an industrial design consultancy. The numerous sketches, renderings and presentations to technical and marketing departments, managerial and executive boards whose understanding and ownership of the concept is necessary for the success of the project.


The impact and immediacy of a good visual to tell the story of a product, to highlight it's benefits or to illustrate it's use, can be a very effective marketing tool if created with the combination of thorough understanding and creativity.


BIB design has, for many years, explored the possibility of producing high quality visuals and animations for many varied clients. This service has also been beneficial to clients where existing product ranges need further promotion - especially where the product may be difficult to photograph or the required view impossible to obtain.


Product videos are becoming an increasingly prominent means of selling over the internet, at exhibitions or displayed in company foyers and these can be produced in full HD with sound if required.

BIB Design Promoting

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