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Communicating the identity of a company is far more than just a logo. Along with various designs in 2D for company logos, product icons, web site buttons and packaging, BIB design also creates products that reflect the company message.

Developing an aesthetic that reflects the values and aspirations of the company can be key in creating a successful relationship with the consumer, and their perceived image of the benefits to be attained through the use of the product or service.

Every user builds a relationship with the product, their experience shapes their image of the company brand. In today's markets brand loyalty requires more than technical efficiency, it must reflect the user's needs emotionally, perceptively and intuitively.

A Company Mascot Originally developed for a branding consultant, employing elements of a new logo and colour schemes within it's design, the robot company mascot was designed by BIB design to characterize the forward thinking, friendly, intelligent and helpful aims of their client.