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Establishing an identity through the products designed and specified throughout it's airports was an important part of BAA's corporate message linking all of it's various lounges, retail sectors, walkways and check-in areas.

Illuminated Signbox - a complete reassessment of the established design developed as part of a new Way-finding standard. The new signs employed diffusers and standard films in an easy to assemble modular design that was slimmer, more legible, easier to maintain and specify and introduced energy savings of up to 60% per unit.

The development of the Signbox lead to the implementation of a common language developed for all other signs, information points, leaflet dispensers, litter bins, clocks, bumpers, barriers, handrails and other items. Materials, finishes, sight lines and and an aesthetic theme were all incorporated. Liaison with Terminal managers, installers, manufacturers and executive board members was crucial to the success of the project.